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The Paris Commune
(18th March – 27th May 1871)
and the socialist revolution

in imperialist countries

Article  from
La Voce del (nuovo)Partito comunista italiano
, n. 38 July 2011


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The dreadful slaughters of Oslo and of the island of Utoya move and outrage millions of people!


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Statement of the Central Committee CC 24/11 – 24th July 2011

The dreadful slaughters of Oslo and of the island of Utoya
move and outrage millions of people!


The Communists all over the world must join the emotion and indignation, but also and above all they must denounce the real leaders and instigators of these murders, the slaughters that are increasing in the world, the undeclared war of extermination that the world imperialist system fosters all over the world!

The instigators of the Nazi Christian Breivik Behring of Oslo, the fomenters, perpetrators and defenders of the mentality and behavior of the perpetrators of this barbaric slaughters and the like are the leaders of the world imperialist system, the international community of speculators, in particular the members of the three most important groups of this international community: the U.S. imperialist bourgeoisie, the Roman Catholic Church headed by the Vatican and the Pope who is its absolute monarch, the Zionist groups of Israel!

The world imperialist system has led humanity into a morass to which we have to put an end by establishing socialism starting from the imperialist countries. If we do not do it, we shall go through barbarism and destruction which quality will be equal to most primitive men’s actions and which amplitude will be equal to the means and knowledge that humanity has today.

Let’s put an end to the reign of barbarism and to the domination of speculators’ international community!

Let’s struggle to establish socialism starting from the imperialist countries!

Facing the dreadful slaughters of Oslo and of the island of Utoya we denounce the responsibilities of the leaders of the world imperialist system, in particular the U.S. imperialist bourgeoisie, the Roman Catholic Church and the Zionist groups in Israel. They are the three most influential groups of the leaders of the world imperialist system, the “international community” presided over by U.S. government and blessed by the Pope of Rome.

The slaughters of Oslo and of the island of Utoya are not manifestations of individual insanity. The author is not a fool: everything shows that indeed he is a person with mental capacity, by no means incapable of managing his social relations and the relations with the surrounding environment. Everything shows that he is an individual capable to make plans and to carry them out, to connect together the various aspects of reality, as indeed those aspects are connected and can be connected and how effectively they are connected by the leaders of the world imperialist system, the promoters of the “clash of civilizations” and of the global competition, the politicians and prelates who wanted and still want to require that Europe has to be Christian in the future and for eternity because it was Christian in the past.

What made Behring Breivik of Oslo a murderer, so as what makes murderers many of his peers and people even younger than he who massacre in Afghanistan or in Palestine by acting directly on the ground or sitting at the console from which they guide bomb drones, are barbarian ideas, concepts, feelings and aspirations he did not invented and that are not his personal property. On the contrary they are professed and elaborated by the promoters of the reactionary mobilization of the masses and by the promoters of trials of fascism, who are thousands, who act even among us and perform their “heroic acts” against Romany camps, against marginalized people, against women, against immigrants,  against homosexuals. These ideas, concepts and aspirations are not raving frenzies. They come from the social relations that the bourgeoisie and the clergy in general and the leaders of the world imperialist system impose on all humanity. They are one of the ways of reaction to the practical relations of dissolution of social solidarity, to the elimination of the rights the classes and the oppressed peoples conquered in the first wave of proletarian revolution promoted by the communist movement, to the relation of oppression and exploitation that the imperialist world system imposes on all humanity. They are an individual manifestation of the madness of the course the world imperialist system has given and imposes to humanity since when the momentum to the progress that the communist movement had given to all humanity exhausted.

What distinguishes the Nazi Christian Breivik Behring of Oslo from Bush or Barack Obama or from the head of the Norwegian Government, Mr. Stoltenberg, is that

Behring Breivik did to Norwegian people what others are doing to Afghans, Libyans, Colombians, Palestinians and other peoples,

Breivik Behring did with weapons and bloody ways what speculators’ international community does “in kid gloves,” starving and marginalizing, making life difficult and impossible for millions and millions of people.

Gramsci wrote in his Prison Notebooks “There are two ways to kill: one that it is frankly indicated with the verb to kill, the other that is usually implicated behind the mild euphemism” to make life impossible. “ It is a kind of slow and dark murder committed by a multitude of unseen accomplices.” It is exactly so: it is the murder practiced by thousands and perhaps millions of people that in the mainstream culture are not indicated as murderers. In fact many of them are paraded with Nobel Prizes for Peace and with words and sermons of peace, as Barack Osama and Pope Ratzinger are.

Who leads and foments war all over the world? Who breaks the countries and puts the masses against each other, in Yugoslavia so as in Somalia and Sudan? Who goes around proclaiming that “we are at war and, in order to win, workers must obey their masters in every factory”? It was not Behring Breivik of Oslo but Marchionne, the FIAT managing director at the national convention of the rightist catholic organization “Communion and Liberation”. How many Norwegians Behring Breivik of Oslo killed and how many people Mr. Stoltenberg killed with planes and Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan or in Libya? How many people the Italian soldiers have killed? Who made the prices of foodstuffs raise and condemned millions of people to starving? Who denies health care to those who have no money to pay? Who marginalizes hundreds of millions of workers with unemployment and deprives them of the basic rights won over when the communist movement was strong? Who makes the job a goal for which the workers should fight each other? Who is imposing behaviors in which other men are or tools to make money or competitors to be eliminated?

One time, in the remote ages of barbarism, the people were killing and even eating each other. Who today is bringing humanity to that level by denying the long journey of our millennial evolution? Who goes on preaching that communist possess of the means of production and social equality are opposed to “human nature”?

Is it not clear that Breivik Behring of Oslo is an exponent of the same mentality that animates the members of speculators’ international community and the leaders of the world imperialist system? If instead of shooting on the island of Utoya and blowing up bombs in Oslo Breivik Behring had enlisted as other “good soldiers” under the orders of the ringleaders of the “international community” and had gone to do the same things in Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine or Lebanon, the authorities of the world imperialist system, of the international community led by the U.S. government and blessed by the Pope of Rome would have celebrated him as a brave soldier who defends the values of Christian civilization and a hero if he were in turn killed by “Afghan terrorists”. What is the difference between the mentality of Behring Breivik and that of the Zionist settlers of Netanyahu?

The dreadful slaughters of Oslo and of the island of Utoya must make think all those who are capable to do it of where the world imperialist system is bringing the humanity. The slaughters, wars, unemployment, hunger, marginalization,  nuclear radiation, floods, droughts, earthquakes, evictions, ignorance, disease, are no longer natural disasters, even those that once were so. Today we humans have the means, knowledge and availability to avoid also what one time we once could not avoid, to prevent what one time we did not know how to prevent, to know what we do not know yet but that now we are aware we can get to know with a proper research. Today we have the means to improve the environment in which we live. We have the means to secure at last to every human being a decent life and to promote for every human being the access to all cultural and intellectual activities and social relations that are typically human and from which only the barbaric capitalist system supported by the Roman Catholic Church still excludes today most of the population even in the most developed and richest countries.


Let’s react to the slaughters of Oslo and the island of Utoya raising large-scale struggle to establish socialism in the imperialist countries!

Humanity can build a bright future!

They are the men who make their own history but in order to do they must be based on assumptions that history gave them and act according to the laws that the situation requires.

The communist conception of the world is the basis for understanding the situation and to build our bright future!

The barbaric slaughter of Oslo and the island of Utoya are manifestations of the madness of the world imperialist system!

Let’s go onwards to the struggle to establish socialism in the imperialist countries!

Long live Communism!




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